Downtown Midlothian Master Plan

Over the years the City of Midlothian has worked hard to maintain its character while also maximizing opportunities for economic development and for enhancing the quality of life for its residents. Many planning decisions have been made carefully, with close consideration of the impacts and benefits of development and recognition of long-term City policies. The importance of current decisions spurred by recent growth and of maintaining the small-town character of the Downtown is evident in Midlothian’s decision to prepare a plan to address the unique needs of Downtown. The Downtown Master Plan will provide a framework for the citizens of Midlothian to use in planning for the future of the Downtown.

The City of Midlothian is developing a Downtown Master Plan. The Plan will help guide decisions related to enhancements to Downtown public spaces and streetscapes; housing; parks; economy and tourism; image; development standards and incentives; funding; and public facilities. Throughout the planning process, the City has hosted community meetings, an online survey and several steering committee meetings that were open to the public.

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